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DelGreco Scholarship Donation Form



Not only was Felix a son and brother, but a friend to so many. Felix was committed to improving the world, whether through military service, community service, or education. With your help he can continue to do so. The Sgt. Felix M. Del Greco, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is his legacy.

On April 9, 2004, we lost a soldier, a son, a brother, a neighbor, an Eagle Scout in Iraq. Sgt. Felix Del Greco Jr. was the First Ct. National Guard Soldier killed in action in Iraq. He believed in the mission.

100% of the proceeds will be used for college scholarships for member children of the Ct. National Guards and scouts from Simsbury Ct. BSA Troop 76.  Your donation will help continue Felix’s legacy.

To make a contribution, please print out this page and fill in the details below and mail it with you tax-deductible check to the address listed below.  Your contribution will go directly to the Felix DelGreco Scholarship Fund which is available to both Troop 76 Scouts and sons and daughters of National Guard families.  To learn more about the National Guard Scholarship, please go to the National Guard website.

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Make donation payable to:
Sgt. Felix Del Greco Scholarship Fund

Mail your donation to:   
Sgt. Felix Del Greco Scholarship Fund
  C/O Troop 76
  11 Nimrod Rd
  West Simsbury, Ct. 06092

Thank you for your contribution!