Saturday, June 22, 2024
Troop News

fall season

November has been great with Troop 76, let’s take a moment to reflect on the fun we have had while we move towards winter. 

On Veterans Day, we participated in a flag ceremony. Then we had a weekend campout at the Coast Guard Academy, where we got to meet a Coast Guard  Instructor. She gave a presentation to the scouts as introduction to the astronomy merit badge. The scouts then got to tour the base’s observatory and were able to see Jupiter and  Saturn.  More recently, we had a food drive for the Simsbury food bank at Stop and Shop and Fitzgeralds were many pounds of food were donated. We also had our delivery day for wreaths where everyone worked to empty, organize, and distribute hundreds of wreaths. We invite you to join us for some S’mores and fireworks at Simsbury Celebrates on Saturday, November 25th.

Upcoming Events

Troop 76G will be doing an overnight, indoor rock climbing event.

Troop 76B will be doing an overnight hiking trip on the AT.





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